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Your story is too important to be ignored. helps you build a transparent record of police misconduct. By sharing your story, you can increase accountability and protect the rights of people in your community. is an independent project developed by Flex Your Rights, a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit.

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Featured Complaints

Submitted to
July 2020
Jul 2020
Incident Date
July 2020
Jul 2020

"My ex wife took my 3 Dutch born/Dutch Passports daughters with great violence and totally 1000% at June 14 2020 against their will, from their home country in The Netherlands back to the USA. Despite Mr Trump travel ban from Europe. After me and the 3 girls fled the USA in November 2019. But international law forced them, against their strong will, back to the USA. My wife cheated..."

Unreasonable Force

Santa Clara Police Dept

Additional Allegations: Wrongful Arrest, Wrongful Property Seizure, Wrongful Search, Wrongful Detention, Bias-Based Policing, Excessive Arrest Charges, Discourtesy, Neglect of Duty, Policy or Procedure Violation, Officer Refused To Provide ID

Submitted to
August 2019
Aug 2019
Incident Date
December 2011
Dec 2011

"Visiting my mother's private residence with two friends, watching TV. Knock on the door, my mother (61 y/o) answers to find an officer. Officer says someone from her residence called for assistance, she repeatedly told him no one called. She asks for my assistance, I was sitting in a chair and slowly walked to the door. Asked the officer what was going on, he repeated that someone from..."

Wrongful Arrest

Maitland Police Dept

Additional Allegations: Wrongful Detention, Bias-Based Policing, Excessive Arrest Charges, Neglect of Duty, Officer Refused To Provide ID

Submitted to
March 2019
Mar 2019
Incident Date
February 2019
Feb 2019

"On February 3, 2019 at 9:17 My son was pulled over and i was the passenger The officer approached the vehicle to explain to the driver his license was suspended. Then the officer went back to his vehicle to call in driver information. At that point he was taking a long time i stuck my head the driver side window to inform him i had somewhere to go . He..."

Wrongful Detention

Putnam County Sheriff's Office

Additional Allegations: Bias-Based Policing, Discourtesy, Policy or Procedure Violation

Submitted to
February 2019
Feb 2019
Incident Date
February 2019
Feb 2019

"I stopped at the carwash at the beginning of my road right before midnight on February 8th, 2019 to finish listening to a video before losing service going home. Deputy Scragg #046 pulled up and turnned on a bright light and shined it in my eyes then proceeded to get out and approach my car. I pulled up a few feet to get the bright light out of my face..."

Wrongful Search

Raleigh Police Dept

Additional Allegations: Policy or Procedure Violation

Submitted to
June 2018
Jun 2018
Incident Date
March 2012
Mar 2012

"I am writing to initiate a formal complaint against Raleigh officer T.R. Varnadoe related to his deliberately false statements, which were made to a magistrate for the purpose of securing a warrant to search my home. The incident in question took place in 2012, and I filed a complaint at the time without the benefit of the evidence I now possess. On December 21, 2017, after years of back-and-forth with..."

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Old Complaint Records Destroyed

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